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Lyme Regis
Fossil Festival

The 2020 Lyme Regis Fossil Festival is taking place from 24th-25th October at various venues across Lyme Regis. Keep checking back for updates!

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Meet the Scientists

We have experts from the Palaeontological Association, The Dinosaur Isle, Bristol University, The Jurassic Coast Trust, Lyme Regis Museum, the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and many more.

Lots of Activities

Enjoy walks, talks, theatre, music, comedy, exhibits and lots of hands-on science. So many activities for enthusiasts of all ages!

Free General Entry

There are many free activities throughout the day - please see the Programme for all the details.

Trade Stalls

Want to own a real fossil? There is a mini market of fossil trade stalls for you to find exactly what you're looking for. The perfect memento to take away.

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Date What's On? Special notes
Saturday 24th October Lyme Regis Fossil Festival Festival open to public - 10am
Saturday 24th October Dinosaurs Rediscovered! How a Scientific Revolution is Rewriting History – Michael J. Benton Saturday 24th October – 11.00am – Marine Theatre
Saturday 24th October The Rocks Beneath our Feet – Imaging the subsurface in 3D. Vincent Sheppard Saturday 24th October – 11.00am – Guildhall
Saturday 24th October Plumbing the Depths! Stories from Deep Time – Dr Steve Etches Saturday 24th October – 12.00pm – Marine Theatre
Saturday 24th October The Great Bindon Landslide – finally a working model? Richard Edmonds Saturday 24th October – 1.00pm – Guildhall
Saturday 24th October Martin Maudsley – Storyteller Saturday 24th October – 1.15pm – Marine Theatre
Saturday 24th October Valuing ASBO: Reflections of a Socialist Fossil Collector – Keith Hackett Saturday 24th October – 2.00pm – Guildhall
Saturday 24th October Mary Anning – The Mad Woman of Lyme! Theatrical Production! Saturday 24th October – 7.30pm - Marine Theatre - Click Here for Tickets
Sunday 25th October Lyme Regis Fossil Festival Festival open to public - 10am
Sunday 25th October Humble beginnings: the origin and early evolution of dinosaurs – Paul Barrett Sunday 25th October – 11.00am – Marine Theatre
Sunday 25th October Prospecting, Prep and Publication: Life After Death for Fossils – Emily Keeble Sunday 25th October – 12.00pm – Marine Theatre
Sunday 25th October Digging for Fossil in the Wild West – Alex Willatt Sunday 25th October – 12.00pm – Guildhall
Sunday 25th October Paleontology of the Jurassic Coast – Kieran Satchell Sunday 25th October – 1.00pm – Marine Theatre
Sunday 25th October Where the Earth rips apart: the volcanoes of the East African Rift valley – Kevin Wong Sunday 25th October – 1.00pm- Guildhall
Sunday 25th October The Colours of Dinosaurs and other Ancient Beasts – Maria McNamara Sunday 25th October – 2.00pm – Marine Theatre
Sunday 25th October Drawing Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals – James Mckay Sunday 25th October – 3.00pm – Marine Theatre
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