Fossils in technicolour. Dr Maria McNamara University College Cork

Fossils in technicolour – reconstructing the colours of ancient animals. Dr Maria McNamara University College Cork

Until 10 years ago, the original colours of fossil animals were thought to be lost to the ravages of geological time. Now, however, scientists can piece together the colour of ancient animals from tiny traces of biological tissues and chemicals preserved in rocks. Come find out how we can reconstruct ‘fossil colours’ and what they tell us about how animals communicated with each other millions of years ago.

7pm Friday 4th May at The Masonic Hall, Lyme Regis.

Tickets £3 for each talk or £10 for the whole evening.  Available on the door or in advance from Lyme Regis Development Trust on 01297 445021 or from the information desk on Cobb Gate Car Park.