Julia Hailes and Adam Rees – Friday 3rd May 7pm – 8.45pm


Talk on Environmental and Marine current issues

Julia Hailes MBE – Have the public gone bonkers about plastics?

Pictures of turtles with straws up their nostrils and an albatross chick regurgitating a toothbrush have been key in galvanising public attention to the very real problem of ocean plastics. So, you may be surprised to hear that plastics are often the best environmental option, in particular by saving energy and tackling climate change. Julia Hailes is a sustainability pioneer with over 30 years in the green sector. She’s a campaigner, writer, speaker and consultant, who has written nine environmental books, including The Green Consumer Guide, which sold over 1 million copies. She will talk about how humans have become the most wasteful species on the planet and what we should be doing about it. Some of her conclusions may surprise you.

Adam Rees PhD – Effective marine protection : A success story from the Lyme Bay MPA.

Coastal ecosystems are under increasing threat from over-fishing, pollution and climate change. Fortunately, the Lyme Bay marine protected area demonstrates a number of success stories where local communities are being empowered to manage, protect their coastal environment. Underpinned by world-leading research and facilitated by the Blue Marine Foundation, lessons from Lyme Bay show us the power of what can happen when scientists, communities, policymakers and visitors work together.

Dr Adam Rees is a marine ecologist at the University of Plymouth who has been working in Lyme Bay for the past 8 years.

Tickets £8 each. Concessions available