Spectacular fossils, and Illustrations of Prehistoric Life – Saturday 4th May 1pm – 2pm


Maria McNamara and James Mckay

‘Becoming a fossil: a whirlwind tour of geological time and spectacular fossils’ by

Dr Maria McNamara. Maria is a Senior Lecturer in Geology at University College Cork. Her research focuses on the preservation of soft tissues in the fossil record. One of her current interests is the preservation of colour in fossils, and the impact of colour on the evolution of life. “Trilobites, Dinosaurs and Mammoths – Illustrating the Prehistory of the British Isles” by James McKay, University of Leeds. James is an experienced palaeoartist, whose paintings bring prehistoric creatures and landscapes back to life. In this talk, he will show how he recreated the entire prehistory of the British Isles in a series of stunning paintings, for an upcoming Palaeontological Association book.

Both talks are suitable for a family audience.

Free entry