Marking Time: Traces of Another Jurassic Coast

A diverse exhibition of work, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, textile and mixed media installation, by a group of West Somerset artists, responding to their own beautiful and geologically fascinating Jurassic coast.
Artists: Andy Davey, Leo Davey, Melanie Deegan, Alison Jacobs, Lucy Lean and Sue Lowe.
Town Mill Arts Courtyard Gallery; The Malthouse
Friday 27th April to Wednesday 9th May, open daily 10.30am to 4.30pm. Late opening Saturday 5 May until 8pm.

The fossil-rich rock strata of the Jurassic period, for which Lyme Regis is famous worldwide, pops up again on the other side of the SW peninsula, along the Bristol Channel coastline of West Somerset. Between Blue Anchor Bay and Lilstock the alternating limestone and shale layers weave across the cliff faces and at low tide stretch out across the unspoiled beaches like a vast washboard. This area is well known to geologists and palaeontologists, particularly for its exposure of the Triassic:Jurassic boundary region. Some of the earliest known ammonite species can be found in abundance here, if you know where to look, as well as many other fossils. The artists have collaborated over the last three years in a creative development project, exploring the beaches, poring over geological maps and refining their personal responses to aspects of the landscape, its formation and history.