Palaeontological Association

Get hands-on with some amazing fossils and discover how their unique features adapted them to different environments and lifestyles. Design your own prehistoric creepy-crawly – decide how to best arm your creature with body parts and special powers – then spin our ‘wheel of misfortune’ to see what life throws at it! Is your animal equipped to survive a meteorite impact, climate change or the arrival of a new predator?  You can also try your hand at our fossil facts card game and come face-to-face with some amazing arthropods.

Palaeoartist James McKay will be on hand to bring your fantasy fossils to life.


The Palaeontological Association ( was founded in 1957 and has become one of the world’s leading learned societies in this field. The Association is a registered charity that promotes the study of palaeontology and its allied sciences through the publication of original research and field guides, sponsorship of meetings and field excursions, provision of web resources, outreach and educational activities and a programme of annual grants and awards.