Plumbing the Depths! Stories from Deep Time – Dr Steve Etches – Saturday 24th October – 12.00pm – Marine Theatre

Dr Steve Etches MBE is a plumber by trade and began collecting fossils from the Kimmeridge Clay of Dorset over 35 years ago. His fossil collecting began at the age of 5 with a flint fossil sea urchin which he found in his back garden. Completely self-taught, what began as a hobby has now resulted in a collection of over 2500 fossils all from the Kimmeridge locality, which were once housed in a converted garage at his home and are now on display in the amazing Heritage Lottery funded museum ‘The Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life’ in the village of Kimmeridge on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Steve has become a renowned expert on fossils from the Kimmeridge Clay – it has always been his wish to donate the collection to the nation so that generations can learn from the amazing fossil specimens, their ‘Stories from Deep Time’ and gain understanding of their place in Earth’s history.