Richard Edmonds- Sunday 5th May 2-3pm

Join us in the Marine Theatre from 2 – 3pm on Sunday 5th May. Free entry Is this the real thing? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide……. no escape from reality…….. ‘A new map and model of the Great Bindon Landslide’ The tumultuous events of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1839 near Bindon […]

The Great Debate; causes of the 1839 Bindon Landslip Saturday 4th May 2 – 2.45pm and Sunday 5th 12 – 1pm

From 2 – 2.45pm on Saturday 4th May and from 12 – 12.45pm on Sunday 5th May watch the performance from ‘The Teachers’ at the Marine Theatre. Free entry Ian Wood, Julia Lamb-Wilson and John Haylock perform with local geologist Richard Edmonds plus students from Woodroffe School. Featuring the Bindon Landslip Animation created by Woodroffe […]

Banner Making Workshop Saturday 2nd March

Join Sarah Thomas at The Hub to make our Fossil Festival banners. These will be used around town during the festival. Cost £5 per person Recommended age 6+ Date Saturday 2nd March 2019 Times 10am until 3pm Book online or in person at The Hub Only 20 places available.

Print Making Workshops Saturday 2nd February 2019
Alison Bowskill print 3

Join Alison Bowskill at The Hub to create Styrofoam and card prints on the theme of Fossils and Geological maps. These will be displayed at the Art Gallery during the festival itself. Two sessions are available on Saturday 2nd February: from 10am – 12.30pm and from 1.30pm – 4pm Book online or in person at […]

Ichthyosuar Lantern Workshop 26th and 27th January 2019
Sarah Butterworth

Join Sarah Butterworth at The Hub to make your very own Ichthyosaur lantern. These will be used in an illuminated parade along the seafront at 9pm on Friday 3rd May to launch the Fossil Festival. Cost £8 per person Recommended age 11+ due to use of tools Date Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019 […]

Harbour Voices Sunday 5th May 2019 2pm
HV Logo

Harbour Voices is a Lyme Regis-based group of twenty men and women celebrating songs of the sea and recounting tales of the West Dorset coast, both historic and current. Originally formed to support the Lyme Regis Gig Club, the group has developed into the performance group it is today with a wide and varied repertoire […]

The Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Have you ever held an actual fossil or mineral? How did you know it was a fossil? What is a fossil? Do you know why minerals are important and that we can even search for them in space! At the Natural History Museum in London, we ask questions about specimens like fossils and minerals every […]

Festival Market

Here you can browse and buy incredible fossils, both real and chocolate!  Fossil art, jewellery fashioned from seashore finds and Jurassic Coast inspired T-shirts! There will also be food stalls here to keep you fed and watered.

Lyme Regis Museum
Lyme Regis Museum

The Museum will be open as normal. There will be free dinosaur craft events in the museum Learning Centre run by Darrell Wakelam, the standard admission fee will apply.  These are drop in events. On both days the Museum will also be running a fossil polishing event at the Marine Shelters and they will also […]

British Antarctic Survey

Do you have what it takes to be a polar explorer? Think the poles are just dead, icy wastes?   Think again! Join the British Antarctic Survey for hands-on activities, displays and much more. BAS scientists are on hand to explain and demonstrate the unique wonders polar science explores.   Time travel with our fossils […]

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