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Get hands-on with some amazing fossils and discover how their unique features adapted them to different environments and lifestyles. Design your own prehistoric creepy-crawly – decide how to best arm your creature with body parts and special powers – then spin our ‘wheel of misfortune’ to see what life throws at it! Is your animal […]

University of Oxford Museum of Natural History

Tales from the river bank: Thames gravel pit mammals Today, the River Thames is vital to millions of people and animals. During the Pleistocene epoch, 240,000-34,000 years ago, numerous familiar and unfamiliar mammals populated its banks and surrounding areas, from huge mammoths to roe deer, prowling bears to herds of bison. Come and find out […]

University of Bristol
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  An insight into the current research being conducted at the University of Bristol, displaying some of the latest findings in palaeontology from one of the world’s top departments. Experts from the University will be on hand to answer any and all palaeo-related questions, happy to talk about the life of a scientist. Interactive games […]

Dinosaurs Rediscovered! How a Scientific Revolution is Rewriting History – Michael J. Benton – Saturday 24th October – 11.00am – Marine Theatre

Mike Benton has been a leading figure in dinosaur research all through his career, and he has made contributions in four areas. He was the first to propose in 1983 that dinosaurs exploded onto the scene 230 million years ago following an extinction event, and this model for dinosaur origins has received fresh support in […]

Humble beginnings: the origin and early evolution of dinosaurs – Paul Barrett – Sunday 25th October – 11.00am – Marine Theatre

Paul Barrett – Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs are justly famous for their huge sizes and total domination of Jurassic and Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems. However, they started their evolutionary journey as small, rare animals that were overshadowed by our own early ancestors and other earlier-appearing reptile groups. Until recently, palaeontologists had relatively information on dinosaur origins, […]

The Colours of Dinosaurs and other Ancient Beasts – Maria McNamara – Sunday 25th October – 2.00pm – Marine Theatre
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Dr. Maria McNamara, UCC.
Photo: John Sheehan

The colours of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts: what we know from new cutting-edge science. Over the last 12 years there has been an explosion of interest in the colours of fossil animals. Palaeobiologists can now use traces of chemicals and fragments of preserved tissue as evidence for colour reconstructions. The latest research even hints […]

Drawing Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals – James Mckay – Sunday 25th October – 3.00pm – Marine Theatre
James Mckay Royal Soc Big Draw

Palaeoartist James Mckay explains how artists reconstruct dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, plants and ancient environments through working with scientists. Covering the history of palaeoart, from the earliest days to the latest findings, as well as his personal techniques for creating palaeoart, this is a talk for anyone interested in the prehistoric world. James will be on […]

One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure! – Marine Theatre – Dates & Times TBC

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, “One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure” is a musical collaboration brought to you by the Lyme Regis Development Trust, B Sharp, The Woodroffe School, St Michael’s Primary School and Mountjoy School. Working with geologist Jim Thomas, coordinator Dot Wood and story teller Martin Maudsley, students have created songs […]

The Micropalaeontological Society – Fossil Forensics!

One crime. Three suspects. Unravel the truth at Lyme Regis fossil festival! Fossil Forensics involves visitors solving a fictional crime (dinosaur bone smuggling), using sediment samples (including microfossil rich samples) as evidence to rule-out potential suspects. Visitors first read a brief and amusing news article, which introduces the crime and discusses the sequence of events […]

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