Marking Time Workshops

THE ATTIC, COURTYARD GALLERY, TOWN MILL,MILL LANE, LYME REGIS,DT7 3PU  IPAD PAINTING 7th May 2018,  9am-1pm.  PRICE £35 Learn to paint fossils on your iPad using the free app Paper by 53.  Bring your iPad, with Paper by 53 installed, and a stylus if you have one but it’s not vital. Make sure your battery […]

Harbour Voices
HV Logo

Harbour Voices is a Lyme Regis-based group of twenty men and women celebrating songs of the sea and recounting tales of the West Dorset coast, both historic and current. Originally formed to support the Lyme Regis Gig Club, the group has developed into the performance group it is today with a wide and varied repertoire […]

Rochesters Marquee Hire
Rochester Logo

Rochesters specialise in wedding & event hire covering everything from marquees and furniture through to stage & audio equipment, lighting, refrigerated trailers, generators, tableware, linen and much more. Based in West Dorset they cover events across the South West and are proud to be supplying the main marquee for the 2018 Lyme Regis Fossil Festival. […]

Marking Time: Traces of Another Jurassic Coast
Sue Lowe

A diverse exhibition of work, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, textile and mixed media installation, by a group of West Somerset artists, responding to their own beautiful and geologically fascinating Jurassic coast. Artists: Andy Davey, Leo Davey, Melanie Deegan, Alison Jacobs, Lucy Lean and Sue Lowe. Town Mill Arts Courtyard Gallery; The Malthouse Friday 27th April […]

The Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Have you ever held an actual fossil or mineral? How did you know it was a fossil? What is a fossil? Do you know why minerals are important and that we can even search for them in space! At the Natural History Museum in London, we ask questions about specimens like fossils and minerals every […]

St Paul’s School

Electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy are two basic techniques in materials science. St Paul’s School will bring these microscopes to enable you all to have a go! They will also bring demonstrations of: structural colour in fossilised ammonite shells, butterflies, and beetles; and will have a range of microfossils. The public can pick out […]

Sunday 6th May Walks
Richard fossil 3

Sunday 6th May 10am to 3pm: Monmouth Beach and Chimney Rock Explore the geology and wildlife of Monmouth Beach and then head inland to see Chimney Rock and the Undercliffs National Nature Reserve with reserve manager Tom Sunderland, Geoff Rowlands and Dr David Allen. Uneven ground and steep slopes and steps, you must be physically […]

Saturday 5th May Walks

Saturday 5th May 11am to 12.30pm: Geology and geomorphology of Lyme Regis seafront, with a little bit of history dropped in. Led by Jim Thomas – easy walking along seafront. £5 per head, under 5’s go free. Meet at the large anchor at Cobb Gate car park (bottom of the high street). 1.30-3.30pm: Fossil walk […]

Variability and ground ‘problems’ in engineering projects. Jackie Skipper Geotechnical Consulting Group
geological engineering

Variability and ground ‘problems’ in engineering projects: why is the ground ‘unexpected’? Jackie Skipper Geotechnical Consulting Group Hazards and problems in engineering projects are frequently due to natural variations in the ground – but what geological processes cause the ground to be variable? This lecture (The 2017 Glossop Medal Lecture) will look at how geological […]

The Great Landslide. Richard Edmonds

The Great Landslide – recent work on trying to understand how Goat Island and the Chasm actually formed. Richard Edmonds The Bindon Landslide of Christmas Eve 1839 lies within the Undercliffs National Nature Reserve and is one of the most famous landslides in the World, yet there is no agreement on how it may have […]

No, we don’t make it up! Bob Nicholls Palaoe-artist
Richard fossil 4

No, we don’t make it up! Bob Nicholls Palaoe-artist Current palaeo-reconstruction explained from the inside-out. Our species has attempted to reconstruct the life appearance of prehistoric animals from fossils for thousands of years.  During that time, the interpretations have changed considerably as our knowledge and technologies have progressed.  About 200 years ago Baron Georges Cuvier […]

199 years of Plesiosaur discovery. Richard Forrest

199 years of Plesiosaur discovery. Richard Forrest In 1819 Lyme Regis provided the earliest recorded finds of plesiosaurs from anywhere in the world. These incredible discoveries had a huge impact not only in scientific circles, but on the general public as well. New specimens have been found on the Dorset coast throughout the past two […]

The Buckland Club

JIG SAW RUS is a dinosaur jigsaw activity, based on smaller 3D wooden dinosaur jigsaw puzzles. Visitors will endeavour to construct a dinosaur from laser – precut wooden parts, and see if they can work out what lifestyle the dinosaur had from its body parts.

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