Banner Making Workshop

Join Sarah Thomas at The Hub to make our Fossil Festival banners. These will be used around town during the festival. Cost £5 per person Recommended age 6+ Date Saturday 2nd March 2019 Times 10am until 3pm Book online via the FF website or in person at The Hub Only 20 places available.

Prehistoric Fish Headdresses with Darrell Wakelam
Fish Head 3

Join Darrell Wakelam at The Hub to create prehistoric fish headdresses which will be used in the illuminated lantern parade on Friday May 3rd. Saturday 16th March: from 10am – 3pm Book online or in person at The Hub Recommended age is 8 upwards. Families welcome. Cost £8 per person Limited to 20 people per […]

Ichthyosuar Lantern Workshop 26th and 27th January 2019
Sarah Butterworth

Join Sarah Butterworth at The Hub to make your very own Ichthyosaur lantern. These will be used in an illuminated parade along the seafront at 9pm on Friday 3rd May to launch the Fossil Festival. Cost £8 per person Recommended age 11+ due to use of tools Date Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019 […]

Harbour Voices Sunday 5th May 2019 2pm
HV Logo

Harbour Voices is a Lyme Regis-based group of twenty men and women celebrating songs of the sea and recounting tales of the West Dorset coast, both historic and current. Originally formed to support the Lyme Regis Gig Club, the group has developed into the performance group it is today with a wide and varied repertoire […]

The Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Have you ever held an actual fossil or mineral? How did you know it was a fossil? What is a fossil? Do you know why minerals are important and that we can even search for them in space! At the Natural History Museum in London, we ask questions about specimens like fossils and minerals every […]

University of Southampton
Southampton University logo_marine1

Join the University of Southampton’s ‘Bringing Research to Life Roadshow’ for hands-on science and archaeology activities suitable for all ages. At this stall you can take a virtual reality tour of a shipwreck preserved by the Black Sea, use the marble run to learn about fish migration and much, much more. Tweets by […]

Lyme Regis Museum
Lyme Regis Museum

Have a go at polishing fossils with Lyme Regis Museum.  Use the lapidiary machine to present you fossil like they would in a shop or museum.  Take home your own piece of Jurassic Magic! Home FaceBook: Lyme Regis Museum Tweets by LymeRegisMuseum

British Antarctic Survey

Do you have what it takes to be a polar explorer? Think the poles are just dead, icy wastes? Think again! Join the British Antarctic Survey, the Polar Museum and UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, for hands-on activities, storytelling and much more. BAS scientists are on hand to explain and demonstrate the unique wonders polar science […]

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre
Charmouth Heritage

Find out more about the Heritage Centre in Charmouth and enjoy Fossil Cast Painting for £1.50 per cast in the marquee. Paint your own fossil cast to take home! What colour were they? Who knows! Many designs to choose from, including ammonites, fossil shark teeth, ichthyosaur jaws and trilobites. Drop in anytime! FaceBook @CharmouthHeritageCoastCentre Tweets […]

Fossil Forensics, University of Birmingham

One crime. Three suspects. Unravel the truth at Lyme Regis fossil festival! Fossil Forensics involves visitors solving a fictional crime (dinosaur bone smuggling), using sediment samples (including microfossil rich samples) as evidence to rule-out potential suspects. Visitors first read a brief and news article, which introduces the crime and discusses the sequence of events (or […]

Palaeontological Association
Palaeontological Association

Their Jurassic diorama will allow people to get hands-on with life in the seas 200 million years ago.  Try to become a fossil with the ‘Fossilisation Frenzy’ game, and make your own mould fossil or miniature dinosaur footprint in salt dough to take home. Palaeoartist James McKay will bring to life visitors’ fantasy fossils, which […]

Jurassic Coast Trust
Jurassic coast Trust

Jurassic Coast fossil display and books, and a replica 3D-printed “Dippy” skull from the Natural History Museum. Find out about their Go Jurassic Rangers children’s club and speak to the experts about all things Jurassic!   Tweets by jurassic_coast        

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