Richard Edmonds- Sunday 5th May 2-3pm

Is this the real thing? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide……. no escape from reality……..

‘A new map and model of the Great Bindon Landslide’

The tumultuous events of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1839 near Bindon in the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs, created Goat Island and the Chasm, one of the most famous and celebrated landslides in the World. Described by Buckland and Conybeare in 1840, their scientific paper was only the second ever dealing with landslides. Since then many people have puzzled over what happened without a satisfactory conclusion. Now however, open source data from the Strategic Monitoring programme at the Plymouth Coastal Observatory has enabled a detailed map both above and below the sea, to be drawn up and from that, models to account for the shape and form of the landscape that we see today. They are not presented as ‘the answer’, but as a possible explanation.

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